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A special birthday girl

Shout-out to this beauty on her birthday. Gerry and I did a lot of various shootings together and are also scuba diving buddies. This woman inspired me in so many ways - living a happy life, appreciating what you have and be in peace with your body.

Together, we also start working closely on my bodytalkintelligent photo project. When I write about body positivity on my website and say that I take my photos with this word in mind, I don't just want to participate in a trendy (but still important) movement. I strive to find a deeper meaning of "body positivity" for my models as well as for myself.

I love working exclusively with non-professional (but nonetheless fabulous) models. If Gerry is in front of my camera, it feels like she has never done anything else in her life. A light glows from within her and this is what I enjoy most: making people see their own beauty with my photos. We all have flaws and imperfections which makes us the people we are and I love celebrating that through my art.

Gerry told me that these photos have a special meaning for her, not showing her all smiling and happy, but also fighting and struggling as the last time has been for her.

Let us all be more like Gerry and show the world how beautiful we are :)

Happy birthday my friend!


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