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You brought your own pumpkin?

When I look back and think the "Dark Circus" shoot was very spontaneous - I was wrong. You never know with my dear friend Agnes:

After being out on a photo tour with Louise at Amager Strand (researching spots for a pregnancy shoot I have coming up), I was out in the city with the beautiful Madga, which I had in front of my lens as well. I got a message from Agnes: She had this idea for a pumpkin pregnancy shoot (she is in her 5th month). It had to be during Halloween time when Tivoli Park is decorated with hundreds of beautiful pumpkins and autumn colours.

I had exactly one available time slot: same day, within the next hour to catch the daylight! It was the day when the summertime ended, so we were even robbed of one more hour of sunlight! Luckily, I was already carrying my photo equipment around, so Agnes and her husband got ready and were on their way to meet us at the park.

It was a quite hilarious situation when they arrived - while Agnes was carrying the real little pumpkin', Jeppe was smuggling this little Hokkaido for the photoshoot under his jacket into Tivoli. It was like bringing our own sand to the beach.

Magda and I spend the time before their arrival to find the perfect spot for the shooting. Agnes, being my most photographed client so far is always within seconds in her element and photo-ready. She is amazing in front of the camera and we became a great team :) Jeppe was also doing great, I think he got used to me and my camera during their wedding, which I was entrusted to document :)

I love how my photography has brought so many great people into my life due to the special moments I am allowed to share with my photo subjects. From wedding to beauty shots to pregnancy photography. Now, I can't wait for the little pumpkin to come to this world - and in front of my camera :) Check out our photos here :)

Maybe you or your friend is pregnant or and you would love some memories that last forever? I am open for bookings, so just shoot me a message and we talk about your ideas!

Do you want to read how Agnes' experienced the shoot? Spoiler-Alert, she is also revealing the gender of the little pumpkin!


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