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When Orange isn't the new Black

Isn't it quite annoying, when your day job gets in the way with your hobbies? I had a couple of busy days at Milestone, but also went out with my co-workers on a nice team event where we explored Copenhagen on bikes with the Cykelkokken - but more about than another time.

I spotted the location for Georgi's "Damn Bright Orange" shoot during that team event. You can see this neon orange sports playground already from far away. With the water just next to us, it was very beautiful scenery. While the sun was still shining, those metal bars were reflecting so badly, that I was quite a bit complaining about these "goddamn bright orange" reflecting pieces of metal. This spot also attracts a lot of different people: Parents with their kids, tourist, athletes and another photographer happened to be around while Georgi and I were waiting for the right lightening situation and a piece of metal for ourselves. The pictures where Georgi has a big laugh on his face are probably the ones where I was cursing about someone ruining my picture by standing in the way or leaving their backpack in my background.

I knew I wanted to take some photos with Georgi for my manhunter portfolio project - but before seeing this photo spot, I had no concept in my mind about the where and what. I like to have a connection between the person I shoot and the location where we are at. With Georgi it ties together into his amazing transformation he is (currently) undergoing.

He has been extremely dedicated for so many months now, transforming into his healthier lifestyle. When I manage to drag my butt into the gym, Georgi is already there giving it all. When our D&D group is devouring a pizza or kebab in front of him, he is the one that sticks to his plan of intermittent fasting and has the strength to decline. It is very inspirational to see how far he has come and showing him in his now "natural" environment - the sports park, was just a great fit to show off his guns ;)

See the gun show here:

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