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Sing it from the rooftops

I know David for over four years now. He was the first person I met at Milestone and his open and friendly personality made it easy to connect with him right away. We have done a lot of fun stuff within these four years: two Copenhagen Toughest Races, workouts in the Milestone gym singing songs from the Disney soundtrack and lip-synchronizing a sock-puppet-sex-scene (yeah, you read correctly).

Besides these private highlights, David was also the first guy I took photos of in a studio environment (December 2017).

Portraits taken in December 2017
Our first studio photos together

It was about time that he and I work on some new photos. David recently turned his back to all Social Media, so it took him a while to hear about my new website and that I have picked up my camera again.

David came up with the location this time: the rooftop of his and his girlfriend's apartment. I am normally more confident when I know the location before and get to come up with some ideas. On my way to his place, I found a cool backyard and some other spots for photos. We both agreed that we just "go with the flow", have fun and see what photos we'll end up with.

Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker & a great playlist ("Songs to sing under the shower") we started up on his roof until the sun was setting and then took a tour around the street corner.

I am happy with the results, having no specific expectation or concept in mind. I love how his open character is coming through in so many of the photos we took. David is also a person you can talk to, so I am pleased that some of the photos show him more serious and thoughtful (Rooftop Vibes). I must say that David looks good in "my shades of grey" as well as in colour. Hope you like the results as well!


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