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Of flowers & sunset and insect bites

When riding my bike through Copenhagen, I often discover new and exciting places for my next photo shooting. I get inspired and instantly have an idea of who of my friends I like to "shoot" here, what the setup would be and sometimes already what clothes they should wear.

This particular location has been on my mind for over a year now. Last year I missed my chance and even this year, it was a close call. Every workday, I bike through a park on my way to Milestone. And last year I noticed this beautiful field of purple flowers that are blooming for a short time in July.

A whole month sounds like a lot of time to get a shooting done, especially if the location is so close to my home. However, the flowers are located on a swamp, moist ground and trying to get closer to them last year ended up with me getting my shoes stuck in the wet ground. It needed to be dry for at least a few days in a row to be possible to shoot out there. I had the vision of a girl in a beautiful delicate dress in my head - rubber gummy boots and mud were not part of this idea.

When my model Gerry was here, we didn't get to do this shoot, since Copenhagen does not hold back on the rain, even in summer. I still was determined to get it done this year and I could see already some of the flowers getting brown. I was lucky enough that my beautiful friend Melda, (who I wanted to take photos of for so long now) was spontaneous and open for this shoot. She even was patience enough to take some pictures of me as well.

We had a great time, starting off at my place with some beers (thanks Peter!) and riding our bikes over to the park. We did some "warm-up shots" (which turned out super nice) to get into the mood and to wait for the sun to finally set down. What I didn't have in mind with my romantic vision of a flower field at sunset were the mosquitos. Damn, we got eaten alive! There is even a shot where we could see that nasty insect on Melda's arm before she got stung... Later even a bee got stuck under that "beautiful delicate dress" and took a piece of Melda's backside. I am glad she is so relaxed and we could go on with this fun shoot.

See here the pictures from our adventure. Check out my Facebook and Instagram page for more updates!


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