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New Memory Lane

I have the pleasure to be calling the next guy in my "manhunter project" my friend for many years now. Jorge is a gentleman, talented, well dressed and has always an open ear for this friends. Feeling so comfortable with your model makes a shoot easy as 1..2..3.

And he did amazing! One-shot, one nice picture! Jorge recommended this location in this industrial area with amazing blue and red backgrounds. Over an area of just 100 meters, I just had a wide selection of great motives to make this shoot happening. Definitely coming back here!

I call this shoot "New Memory Lane", since Jorge deserves some new memories when he is passing this area. I guess next time he is biking here, there will be memories of "hey, here I got my pants dirty" and "here was where these cutes girls catcalled me during the shoot".

See "New Memory lane" pictures here.

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