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I just realized I need more men. I feel like I am lacking experience with men. Especially doing it outside! And I have so many male friends I would like to do it with. I have no doubt they will be doing great and that it will be a fun experience for us both.

I am doing it with Kristian today at Reffen. I have it all planned out. We even talked about what he is going to wear. Maybe we have some food before or a couple of beers to lighten the mood and get more relaxed about it. It has been raining all day, so it is going to be wet and dirty! Well, what don't you do for a good photo shooting :-P :-D

I realized that my male photo portfolio is almost zero :) so I am up for expanding my (photographic) horizon and going to start taking pictures of my great guy friends and trying to explore new areas of Copenhagen.

Well, the best thing about my manhunt is going home to my NO1 man Peter, who is unfortunately only available for beer selfies <3. Check out my Facebook and Instagram page for more updates!


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