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Do you need a shower?

I wrote in my post about the purple flower shoot before, that most of my inspiration I get while riding my bike in Copenhagen. It was the same situation for the Dark Circus shoot. On my way to work, I notice that the circus was in town. Immediately, this picture of cotton candy, stage lights and bright colours popped into my mind. I was super excited and hadn't had any plans for the next evening., so I was good to go. I promised Agnes to take her for another shoot, so I texted her about just about her plans the next day.

"No one can smell you in a picture!"

We were already planning the outfits when her husband Jeppe (I loved shooting their Wedding) hit us with the reality: the circus is only staying in town for the night and the show had already started an hour ago.

Not willing to give up on this shooting, I forgot about my dinner, skipped taking a shower and just grabbed the camera (with a half-empty battery) and was back on the bike again.

The most impressive part was Agnes: According to Jeppe, she never has been that fast in her life getting ready - and she looked gorgeous! I spend a few minutes, shooting the ambience pictures before she arrived and we were both in our element.

I can be there in 20"

However, our efforts were too late. While we were just a few minutes into the shoot, the circus worker started to deconstruct the tent and the outdoor area with the candy and popcorn shops while the show was still going on inside. I was very disappointed to not give Agnes the shooting she deserved. We managed to get a few decent shots within our limited time, but I have not given up on the project yet.

There will be another day when the circus comes to town. For now, we have the "Dark Circus" pictures to remind us of the time Agnes had her Makeup and outfit on in less than 10 minutes!

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